Links to Rctimer Manuals and Videos

4 pairs TM13x5.5" prop

Other parts

4 sets Arm, motor and ESC has been soldered

Install the AntiVibration kit

Install the AntiVibration kit

Install Frame Spacer

Install Landing gear holder (M3*16mm & nuts)

Packaga list:

Rctimer Trooper Q600 designed base on SkyHero/Trooper, the easy to balanced drone, it has improved the bottom plate to PCB board, included 5V and 12V output, Anti Vibration kit make your drone fly to smooth, the motor has soldered to ESC, you just need soldered the ESC to bottom plate follow the rotation direction of each motor,  and the indicator LED has fixed under the motor mount, Q600(included 3510-350 motor, T40A ESC and TM13*5.5 prop) total weight around 2.1KG, flight time easy over 25mins.

Top/bottom plate & Canopy

Install the Stand-off for battery mount

Install Canopy

Insert Arm

Notice: We have marked the M1, M2, M3, M4 and the rotation direction on each arm

Mounted the Arm and top plate

Install the battery mount & leg