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Note: Mission planner sometimes runs extremely slowly no matter how fast your PC is, if a Bluetooth device was once connected and is no longer connected.

Turning off Bluetooth entirely fixes it, not a practical solution if you have a Bluetooth devices connected that you want to keep using.

I managed to get rid of the problem entirely on the i7 Laptop and keep using a Bluetooth mouse by enabling "Show hidden devices" expanding the COM Ports list and Uninstalling "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link(COMxx)" that are no longer connected. That was on Windows 8 which makes it easy to enable "Show hidden devices"

On Windows 7 the button for "Show Hidden devices" is in Device Manager but it is disabled, so one has to enable it, easy instructions for doing that are here

Then it is the same process as for Windows 8, uninstall any "Standard Serial over Bluetooth link(COMxx)" that are not actually connected and disable any that you will use in future but not connected right now, you can enable them again if you need them.

The above Mission Planner issue can make some Mission Planner operations agonizingly slow, if you experience the slowness, try the fix above.

Be patient when selecting COM Port as it will scan for Ports twice.

Connect the USB cable from Fixhawk to your PC or Laptop, This is how it should look and sound.

Connect The supplied Fixhawk Buzzer and Switch to FIxhawk, also connect a USB cable. In order to avoid damage to Fixhawk get used to disconnecting and connecting the other end of the USB cable away from Fixhawk, Depicted below is the short USB cable supplied with Rctimer AV Dome.

Also confirm that you have the supplied micro SD card installed in your Fixhawk

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Do not proceed if the drivers did not install correctly.

When both Mission Planner and USB Drivers install has successfully completed, tick the "Launch Mission Planner" box and click on "Finish", there will be a lengthy delay the first time Mission Planner runs.

Windows and your Virus checker may display cautions, just agree and allow Mission Planner to run.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Before connecting the USB cable between Fixhawk and your PC or Laptop please make sure you have already installed Mission Planner on that PC [which would have installed USB drivers on that PC] as detailed above.

Do not connect Fixhawk to your PC via USB before you have installed the USB Drivers which are installed when you install Mission Planner.

Latest Mission Planner is available for download here

Download and Install Mission Planner

When you run the Mission Planner install, agree to all the usual stuff and make sure that you allow the drivers to be installed, if any warning messages appear, please select "Install this driver software anyway" button.

Fixhawk Install USB Drivers and Mission Planner